The Pirate's Cove - Detroit: Become Human

We run through the requirements needed to earn a 100 percent completion and the sole ending for the Detroit: Become Human chapter The Pirate's Cove. 


The Detroit: Become Human chapter titled The Pirate's Cove sees Kara and Alice seeking out some well-deserved peace after their car suffers a breakdown on the road. There are a couple of surprises and smaller details to pick up on along the way, but earning a 100 percent completion rating on the chapter should be simple for players who manage keep their eyes peeled.

The Pirate's Cove: 100 Percent Completion

The 100 percent complete flowchart for The Pirate's Cove.

There's only one ending in The Pirate Cove, and though there is a decision branch around the time when Alice goes to bed, players will still be funneled toward the same ending. Earning a 100 percent completion rating in this chapter mainly involves looking at all the available sights at the fun fair and within the tavern.

Highway to Help


Action Watch news
Dialog Talk to Luther
Action Look at Alice
Event Car breaks down
Action Investigate breakdown
Action Scan environment
Inside Pirate's Cove

Fun Fair

Action Check buildings
Action Examine frozen android
Action Switch on Ivan
Action Look at map
Action Check abandoned tavern
Action Enter tavern
Inside Tavern

The Tavern

Action Read "USS Iowa"
Action Read "All Android Band"
Action Look at rA9 writing
Action Look at leaflet
Action Look through window
Action Look at "pirate"
Event Luther starts a fire

Action Make bed for Alice
Event Alice looks at Poster
Dialog Talk to Alice
Event Alice goes to bed
Action Open bag
 Action Offer cookie
Event Alice is not hungry
 Action See gun
Event Kara notices gun
Dialog Tell Alice a story
Dialog Talk to Luther
Event Shadows attack
Choice Grab gun
Choice Grab stick from fire
Choice Protect Alice
Choice Put out fire
Choice Fire warning shot
Choice Threaten
Choice Question
Choice Push away
Event Attackers reveal themselves as Jerrys
Event Back outside
Action Go to carousel
Action Switch on carousel
Action Put Alice on ride
Event The group enjoyed a quiet moment together

The Pirate's Cove: All Endings

The Group Enjoyed a Quiet Moment Together
No matter how this chapter plays out, players will always arrive at the ending where Kara, Luther, and the various Jerrys stand around and watch in amusement as Alice takes a spin on the carousel.

With The Pirate's Cove out of the way, the next stop for our coverage centers around the chapter titled The Bridge. Don't miss out on any details — stay fresh on 100 percent completion requirements and all endings by heading over to our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide.

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