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Russian Roulette - Detroit: Become Human

Earn 100 completion and unlock the sole ending in our guide to the Detroit: Become Human chapter Russian Roulette.


The Russian Roulette chapter of Detroit: Become Human once again sees Connor making the most out of his detective skills, this time learning more about his partner as he waits around Hank's house before the two leave for the Eden Club.

Russian Roulette: 100 Percent Completion

Earning 100 percent completion is fairly easy in Russian Roulette. Most of the actions involve taking a proper look around Hank's home, with one decision branch being affected by whether or not players got to know about Hank's dog in the chapter Waiting For Hank.

Emerge in the Zen Garden
Action Join Amanda
Arrive at Hank's Place

Find Lt. Anderson

Action Ring bell
Action Ring again
Action Check car
Action Check bedroom window
Action Check front living room window
Action Check back living room window
Action Knock on door
Action Spot Hank and break in

Enter House

Event Hank's dog attacks
Choice Calm Hank's dog
Choice (unknown; depends on actions in Waiting For Hank)
Action Analyze Hank
Action Take Hank to the bathroom
Choice Distant attitude
Choice Easygoing attitude
Choice Take hippy shirt
Choice Take streaky shirt
Choice Take stripy shirt

Wait for Hank

Action Read "Pull the Plug?"
Action Read "Tainted Love"
Action Learn Hank was playing Russian Roulette
Action Learn Hank's interests
Action Pet Hank's dog
Action Find picture of Hank's son
Event Hank is ready

Left for Eden Club

Russian Roulette: All Endings

Left for Eden Club
No matter what activities players participate in during the course of the chapter, Russian Roulette will always play out with one ending where Hank and Connor leave for the Eden Club together.

With the revelations of Russian Roulette completed, the next chapter up in the queue is Spare Parts. Stay on top of the game's other 100 percent completion requirements and endings by heading over to our extensive Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide.

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