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When Does Pokemon Quest Release on iOS and Android?

Find out when new series entry Pokemon Quest releases for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


The internet is abuzz with Pokemon fever right now, and for good reason — the crews at Nintendo and Game Freak surprised the fan base by announcing three all-new Pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch.  The first two, Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! won't be arriving until later in the year, but Nintendo Switch owners can pick up Pokemon Quest right this instant. Alongside the game's Switch reveal, Game Freak also stated that Pokemon Quest will be coming to iOS and Android devices as well, and we know when to expect it.

Edit: this story was updated on June 22 with specific information about the iOS and Android release dates for Pokemon Quest.

When does Pokemon Quest release for iOS and Android?

Even though Switch owners will be totally stoked to hear that Pokemon Quest is available right now for Nintendo's hybrid handheld, players who still haven't picked up a Switch will still be able to enjoy the game when it releases for mobile devices. According to various sources, the iOS and Android versions of Pokemon Quest will be launching sometime in late June, meaning there shouldn't be much more than a one month wait before mobile gamers can check out the latest adventure.

Update: a new report from GameRant indicates that Pokemon Quest will release for iOS and Android on June 27.

Players looking to learn more information about the latest release can check out our guide asking just what is Pokemon Quest. In a nutshell, it's a lightweight voxel-styled adventure that sees box-shaped Pokemon battling around the new area known as Tumblecube Island, earning rare loot along the way. The game allows players to recruit their favorite Pokemon and create a team of up to three different pocket monsters to wage adorable war across the island, and mechanics like home building and powerups help add to the game's addictive appeal.

Downloading the game and jumping into the action is a breeze, too, and we've got the full process outlined over on our guide detailing how to download Pokemon Quest for the Nintendo Switch. To stay on top of the latest Pokemon Go releases and news, keep your browser pointed right here at Shacknews.

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