Jericho - Detroit: Become Human

We outline all of the actions, events, and endings needed for 100 completion with the Detroit: Become Human chapter Jericho. 


Players making their way through Detroit: Become Human will eventually stumble upon the chapter titled Jericho, wherein Markus looks for area of the same name. It's a linear chapter, meaning earning a 100 completion rating only involves seeking out a few activities and arriving at the chapter's sole ending.

Jericho: 100 Percent Completion

Jericho is another one of Detroit: Become Human's linear chapters, where players who want to earn 100 completion will simply need to keep their eyes peeled for activities like reading or spotting the android bodies littered about the area.

Arrive at Ferndale

Event Flashback of another deviant
Action Read "On The Run"
Action Read "Fortunte Teller"
Action Read "Android Astronauts"
Action Analyze station graffiti
Action Exit the station
Dialog Ask android the way to Jericho
Action Follow the signs
Action Leave the streets
Action See android body
Action Continue on the Jericho trail
Action Use the dumpster to climb up

Reach the Roof

Action Cross the gap
Action See android body
Action Reach the door
Action Explore abandoned office
Action See android body
Action Find the right exit

Locate Jericho

Action Walk bridge
Event Bridge collapses
Action Climb crane and jump

Inside the Boat

Action Find a flashlight
Action Enter the machine room
Action Fall off catwalk
Event Met people of Jericho

Jericho: All Endings

Met People of Jericho
This is the sole ending to the Jericho chapter. After making his way toward Jericho and seeing a number of android bodies littered about, Markus will eventually fall off the catwalk into a dimly lit room full of other androids.

With all actions and events in Jericho 100 completed, the next chapter in the lineup is The Nest. Be sure to check out our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide to learn more about the activities and endings needed in all of the game's 32 different chapters.

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