Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Release Time

Learn when The Hungering Deep will become available to download and play.


Sea of Thieves’ first major content update, The Hungering Deep, is scheduled to release on May 29, but the question running through every pirate’s head is: what is The Hungering Deep release time? Thankfully, Rare has been quite vocal about when player should expect to get back online and experiencing the monster that lurks below.

The Hungering Deep Release Time

Players who are anticipating the release of The Hungering Deep in Sea of Thieves can now begin downloading the 1.35 GB patch while the servers are down for maintenance. As soon as the servers are updated, they should be switched back online and the new content should be playable.

According to the Sea of Thieves Twitter, the maintenance window is expected to last until 2PM BST, at which point the servers will come back online, this also counts as the release time of The Hungering Deep:

  • 2:00 PM BST, May 29
  • 6:00 AM PST, May 29
  • 8:00 AM CST, May 29
  • 9:00AM EST, May 29
  • 11:00 PM AEST, May 29

However, there's also the possibility that Sea of Thieves’ maintenance will complete earlier than expected, so for those who are waiting with baited breath, it won’t hurt to have the console or PC prepared well in advance. For those on PC who are struggling to get the patch installed, check out our guide on how to update Sea of Thieves on PC.

We here at Shacknews have been enjoying our time in Sea of Thieves and can’t wait to dive into The Hungering Deep. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves Guide and Walkthrough for more tips and hints, especially as we begin covering this new piece of content.

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