Killer7 Brings Its Chaotic Action to Steam With Fall Release Date

Master! We're in a tight spot!


Suda51 created one of his best and most memorable adventures with the bizarre on-rails shooter Killer7. Unconventional, violent, and smacking of cult appeal, the tale of 7 "assassins" resonated with audiences everywhere. Gimps, gorgeous hitwomen, and strange enemies known as Heaven Smiles created a disconcerting atmosphere with a surprise twist of an ending. And Grasshopper Manufacture, seeing how much we liked Killer7, brought us No More Heroes, which ended up becoming something of a masterpiece in and of itself.

Originally published by Capcom when it debuted back on GameCube and PlayStation 2, NIS America has taken over publishing duties as the game comes to PC later this year with a special remastered edition on Steam. The surreal exercise in cel-shaded bloodsport is going to look absolutely fantastic, and if you've never actually played Killer7, now's the best time to jump in.

This is the first re-release Killer7 has been released with an updated version, and it's high time, if you ask me. There's no word just yet on whether or not PC owners will be the only lucky folks to give the new remastered edition a try, but it's possible it could make the leap to consoles at a later date. It's going to be a good year for Suda51 fans, especially with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes releasing later this year on Nintendo Switch. I'm certainly excited, after all.

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