Battlefield 5: Grand Operations Mode Takes The Battle To a New Scale

Operations returns in Battlefield V and it's bigger and badder than what we've seen before.


EA and Dice finally tooks the wraps off of Battlefield 5 at a preview event today and the improvements and additions to the game should make this the biggest Battlefield game yet. The biggest news is that the game will take place during World War 2. Multiplayer fans should be happy to hear that Operations will be making a return after its debut in Battlefield 1. The mode is now known as Grand Operations and is promised to expand on everything that made the original mode such a hit with franchise fans back in 2016.

Very little information about multiplayer was revealed during the event, though the premiere trailer showed a UI that would fit right at home in a large-scale multiplayer battle. Fans will be pleased to hear that a cooperative mode will be featured in Battlefield 5. Thankfully, Battlefield V will mark the end of the Battlefield Premium Pass system, allowing all players to have access to the full array of maps and modes without having to shell out and additonal fee for expansions. How EA and Dice plan to make up the difference is still unknown, but if I was a betting man, I'd put my money down on loot crates.

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