Dreams Interview: Balance Between Creativity and Gameplay

Media Molecule is preparing an amazing creative sandbox. We talk with Creative Director Mark Healey about the demo shown at Sony’s preview event.


Originally intended to be the showcase software release for the Playstation Move controllers, Dreams has soldiered on through development for what seems like ages. Thankfully, the game appears to be nearing a final release in 2018. The Shacknews team were present at Sony’s media preview event in Los Angeles last week to get a look at Dreams first hand. We got a chance to speak with Media Molecule Creative Director Mark Healey about the gameplay demo that was shown at the preview event.

Healey helps to answer the question: “What is Dreams?” Gameplay mechanics and designing the game to accommodate the creative impulses of millions of players were the focus of Mark and his team at Media Molecule. Also discussed are the realities of balancing the design between conventional video game players and creative types who may not be familiar with video game tropes or conventions. The studio has lots of experience with letting users build content within the framework of their games, as they previously made the Little Big Planet games. For an in-depth look at Dreams, check out Asif Khan’s thoughts on what he played at the Sony preview event.

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