The Crew 2: Exclusive Xbox One X Open World Gameplay

Ubisoft is ready to to take the race around the country again with the sequel to its online driving hit.


Ubisoft released The Crew into the world back during a busy holiday 2014 that also featured the company’s other big hitters Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. It was the publishers only new IP release of that holiday season and set out to capture the hearts of arcade racing fans. While it did some things very well (the impressively large map and progression), many parts of the experience fell short of the goals set by the developer. This summer, Ubisoft takes another try at open world racing with The Crew 2.

Shacknews editor Blake Morse got a chance to go hands-on with the game at a recent preview event. He was able to snag some exclusive footage captured from the Xbox One X-enhanced version of the game running at 4K. Additionally, he wrote up a great article on what he saw and got to play at the event, while explaining what Ubisoft has gotten right with the newest iteration of The Crew.

You can get behind the wheel when The Crew 2 launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 28, 2018.

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