How to Destroy Plague Hearts in State of Decay 2

Eradicate the blood plague infection by tracking down and destroying all the plague hearts.


The zombie horde can be managed or utterly wiped out, and in State of Decay 2, wiping out the undead means tracking down and destroying plague hearts. These pulsating lumps of meat and bone are the literal heart of the infection and are heavily defended by the ravenous zombies – so come prepared for a fight!

How to Destroy Plague Hearts

At the beginning of State of Decay, after building the base and helping a few survivors, the game will direct the player to track down and destroy a plague heart. This grotesque mass of flesh is seemingly impervious to all types of attack, except one: fire. Any form of explosive, whether that’s a Molotov cocktail, grenade launcher, or grenade, will deal significant damage to the plague heart.

The trouble with plague hearts isn’t so much dealing damage to it, as managing the endless supply of zombies that spawn and try to attack you. It’s a good idea to get a couple of followers from the base camp and strike out for any plague hearts you see. While you’re busy throwing bombs at the plague heart, the followers can focus on clearing out the zombies.

It’s also worth noting that plague hearts grow stronger with every plague heart that gets destroyed. This means the first heart you kill will be easy to burn away while the last one will be significantly stronger. It can be a good idea to get a bigger backpack so you can carry more explosives, as it will take quite a few bombs to take down the late-game hearts.

Clearing out plague hearts will also result in clearing out nearby infestations, especially if you take the time to search the surrounding area and create a safe perimeter. This is helpful as it is one of the many ways to improve community morale without resorting to spending that hard earned influence.

After taking down a plague heart, keep your eyes peeled for other buildings covered in red mist, as this signifies another plague heart is inside. Collecting blood plague samples for a cure isn’t going to cut it, you’re going to need to destroy all the plague hearts if you want to beat State of Decay 2!

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