Where to Find Food in State of Decay 2

Prevent starvation from setting in by finding food for the community.


Food is one of the most important resources a player can find in State of Decay 2 as without a steady supply of it, survivors will start getting hungry, and then they’ll get angry and start fights, and then they’ll die. To avoid this dramatic conclusion, it’s worth knowing where to find food so that the supplies can always be kept nice and full.

Where to Find Food

There are two types of resources that can be scavenged in State of Decay 2: loose items like weapons, ammo, luxury items, and crafting materials, and the other is rucksacks. Food can only be found out in the wild in rucksacks, which is good because it means it is easier to track down.

To find more food quickly, open up the map and highlight the buildings in the nearby area (if there are no buildings on the map, head to a surveying spot and aim at all the question marks). Each building will have a list of how many containers it holds, the type of effects it has if it’s an outpost, as well as any potential resources. The potential resources section is the key to finding food. A building that shows a pizza slice under the potential resources tab has a good-to-high chance of having a rucksack full of food.

Another way to locate food is to use the radio to ask for assistance in finding resources. Pressing up on the D-pad opens up the radio, and under “Find Resources/People” are several different options that can be selected. When one of these is chosen, a call goes out to spotters who then inform you of where some resources might be found, and these locations are marked on the map. This function costs influence, so make sure you know how to earn more influence points.

Finally, finding food isn't the only option, this valuable resource can also be acquired through farming or through claiming outposts that grant constant food supplies. A basic farm can be built outside in the base and will provide a small amount of food until it is upgraded, at which point it will produce more. Similarly, claiming an outpost that generates food will keep a steady supply of food incoming. Keep in mind that the demand for food will increase with the more survivors that get recruited to the community, which means spending more time finding food.

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