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How to Play Co-op in State of Decay 2

Experience State of Decay 2's open-world zombie killing with three friends in co-op.


Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be a lonely experience, but that’s not the case in State of Decay 2 with its four-player co-op! Now you and three friends can team up and work together to create a thriving community and experience everything the game has to offer. Starting a co-op game is a pretty straightforward process, so you’ll be slaying zombies together in no time.

How to Play Co-op in State of Decay 2

Life surrounded by the living dead is made infinitely more enjoyable and manageable by having a few friends around you – and the same can be said about State of Decay 2. Whether it’s three close friends or a couple of random players, setting up and playing co-op is easy.

To play State of Decay 2 co-op, a few options will need to be adjusted and game invites sent out:

  1. Load up State of Decay 2
  2. Open the Pause Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Multiplayer
  5. Change from “Offline” to either “Invite Only” or “Friends Only”
  6. Go back to the Pause Menu
  7. Guest boxes will now be available
  8. Select a box and choose a friend to invite

With the invite sent, the person who was invited to play co-op (either on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One) should now be able to accept the invite and join the game. To get more players in, use the other guest slots to send out additional invites.

Anyone who joins as a guest won’t earn standing for their character, though they will continue to earn influence – which is great, as claiming outposts is quite expensive! Guests will also have a limited range that they can move away from the host, meaning they will need to keep up with the host or not travel too far away.

Playing State of Decay 2 co-op with friends offers a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to clearing out zombies, gathering resources, and trying to destroy plague hearts. Now that co-op is sorted, it might be worth focusing on improving the morale of the community or getting a bigger backpack!

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