How to Improve Morale in State of Decay 2

Work to raise morale so that fighting and injuries don’t breakout in the community.


Keeping a community of post-apocalypse zombie survivors happy is no easy task, but managing their morale, and constantly trying to improve it, is critical to surviving in State of Decay 2. Improving a community’s morale can be done through multiple avenues, though it’s best to use them all for the best results.

How to Improve Morale

Each survivor in State of Decay 2 has their own morale meter, which affects the overall community morale. Survivors can either have positive morale or negative morale based on the circumstances around them. A positive morale will slightly increase the overall community morale, while a negative morale will have a greater effect on the community’s happiness. This means it’s a good idea to target the extremely negative feelings and solve those problems quickly.

There are a few ways of improving the morale of the base:

  • Clear infestations
  • Build new morale-boosting facilities
  • Gather resources for any supplies running low
  • Claim a morale-boosting outpost

Checking on the community’s morale can be done by pressing the View button on the Xbox One controller and then using the bumpers to navigate to the Base tab. On the left-hand side are a few boxes, select the one labelled Morale to see a complete breakdown of every survivor’s morale in the community.

Under “Issues Affecting Morale” is where all the survivors' various worries and joys are listed. The entries in red signify something that is negatively affecting morale (such as a lack of food, too many zombies, anxiety) and the ones listed in green represent things that are positively affecting the morale, such as having a good infirmary, decent sleeping areas, and outposts with morale-boosting effects.

A quick and easy fix to boost morale is to build the base up with new facilities. Building a latrine will boost morale, as it will give survivors a place to use the restroom, while beds increases the level of comfort and lets people sleep and recover. Another good idea can be to go and claim an outpost that will boost morale, such as a coffee shop. However, all of these require influence, so make sure you know how to earn influence points so you don't run out!

Once morale improves, survivors will begin bickering less, and fewer problems will arise in the base. It’s important not to ignore the early warning signs and get to improving the community morale as soon as possible.

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