How to Earn More Influence Points in State of Decay 2

The most valuable resource in State of Decay 2 is influence, so amassing large sums of it is a good idea.


Money is no good in a zombie apocalypse, which is why the only form of currency that matters in State of Decay 2 is Influence Points. Trading with other survivors, calling in help, and claiming an outpost all require influence, so knowing the best way to earn more influence is going to be important.

How to Earn More Influence Points

Nearly everything a player does in State of Decay 2 is rewarded with influence. However, a lot of tasks require large sums of influence points, so getting as many as possible, as fast as possible, is essential to keeping everyone alive, especially as resources dwindle. For instance, some of the later bases cost thousands of influence points to unlock, as does claiming outposts. There are a few main ways to earn more influence:

  • Kill zombies
  • Deliver rucksacks
  • Trade with survivors
  • Complete quests

The natural instinct when moving around State of Decay 2 is to avoid fighting zombies wherever possible, but when in a car, make a point of running over zombies. Whenever you kill enough zombies, a small sum of influence points are awarded, and though this takes a while to happen when fighting in hand-to-hand combat, it can quickly accrue when mowing zombies down in a vehicle.

Taking the time to completely loot a building is also important, not just for the items and ammo, but for the rucksacks. Rucksacks contain vital resources for building a base and keeping supplies well-stocked. But for those who are after influence, delivering a rucksack to the home base awards a few influence points.

Another means of gaining more influence is to trade with the survivors that radio in asking for assistance or to barter. These wandering survivors are more than happy to buy any items you might scavenge up. If Gracie is one of the survivors selected at the beginning, she has a quest that tasks you with finding luxury items, which can be traded for greater amounts of influence.

Finally, one of the best ways to earn more influence is to complete missions and quests. There are always quests on offer, whether they’re community quests, survivor-specific quests, or even radio calls from strangers asking for help. Completing these missions will award large amounts of influence which is useful for making purchases and claiming outposts. These missions are also important because they help level up survivors, an essential step in choosing a leader for the community.

It might start off slow, but as more progress is made through State of Decay 2, it will become easier to earn influence points.

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