Where to Find Blood Plague Samples in State of Decay 2

Learn where to located Blood Plague samples so you can save any infected survivors.


Someone is always going to get bitten by a zombie in State of Decay 2, so knowing where to find Blood Plague samples for use in creating a cure is absolutely critical to their survival. If you don’t want to euthanize them (AKA, bullet to the head), then getting a healthy stockpile of Blood Plague samples should be a top priority.

Where to Find Blood Plague Samples

At the onset of State of Decay 2, the tutorial introduces the Blood Plague, a slow-acting infection that will inevitably turn the person bit into a zombie. Thankfully, the process can be staved off with an infirmary, but it won’t save the person, that is reserved for the cure. Unfortunately, the cure requires an item called a Blood Plague sample, which isn’t especially easy to come across early in the game (except for the four in the tutorial).

There are only a few ways to get more Blood Plague samples:

  • Looting medical areas
  • Killing blood-covered zombies

Out of these two options, the best way to get more Blood Plague samples is to kill the blood-covered zombies. These zombies are infected with the plague, so they have a high chance of dropping the item on their death. These types of zombies are easily found around the many plague hearts that must be destroyed as well as around the base during horde attacks.

As for finding Blood Plague samples out in the wild while scavenging, it’s a little more random. There isn’t a set place to find them, despite this, it’s worth checking buildings that have a chance of containing medical supplies, as signified by the health icon on the map when highlighting a building.

Collecting Blood Plague samples should always be a goal whenever out scavenging, as someone lying in the infirmary with the infection will slowly drain the precious medical resource. With enough Blood Plague samples collected, you should have no trouble curing whoever happens to fall ill. The next issue will no doubt be trying to improve the morale of the entire community so they stop fighting, and then figuring out who to choose as the leader to rally the survivors.

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