How to Build a Base in State of Decay 2

Give the survivors a safe place to live by building a strong, self-contained base in State of Decay 2.


Life as a survivor in State of Decay 2 is more than just killing zombies, it’s about building a base and creating facilities to improve life for the community. For the community to have the right tools to fend of zombies, heal the sick, and practice their skills, they’ll need a strong base to call home.

How to Build a Base

When State of Decay 2 first begins, players will be given a base of operations that has a few spots available for additional facilities. At the beginning, this will be a lot to manage, especially with quests and other survivors calling out for help. However, as the game progresses, the community will grow in size, and so another base will need to be found. For now though, building the first base is a good place to learn the basics.

To build a new facility in a base, approach an open area that is highlighted by a dotted line and press the Y button to open up the building menu. From here, select what type of building suits the community’s needs. The facilities range from health care and food production to weapon training and facilities that can improve the morale of the community. Highlighting a facility displays what materials are required to build it, with some of the more demanding facilities being grayed-out until the survivors have learned the necessary skills.

For the first base, there are three small slots that can be used for facilities, one is found in the front yard on the left, and the other two are in the backyard. The first facility that should be built is an infirmary. The next two facilities can be anything, but it’s worth considering building a facility that another survivor wants. As an example, Johnson tends to want a shooting range, so building him one will help complete community goals – a great way of earning more influence.

When all available slots in a base are filled with facilities, it’s a good idea to start thinking about moving to a bigger base. There are several bases dotted around the map, it’s just a process of driving around and finding them. These other bases offer more slots for facilities, and bigger slots for larger, more advanced facilities.

Take some time to scout out the surroundings, as sometimes a nearby outpost might offer a similar benefit as a facility. Claiming said outpost will remove the need to create a specific facility, at least for a short time. As an example, some outposts give food production, which means building a farming facility inside a base isn’t immediately necessary.

Don’t be afraid to destroy any facilities that have been built if they are no longer benefiting the community as much as a different facility would. Building a base in State of Decay 2 is all about experimenting and figuring out what works best for the survivors!

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