Reboot Develop 2018: CEO and Co-Founder Talks History of Conference

CEO and Reboot Develop co-founder Damir Durovic chats with Shacknews about the conference's history and origins.


Shacknews was on-site at Reboot Develop 2018 interviewing loads of different industry insiders, but very few have been as influential in putting the conference together as Damir Durovic, CEO and co-founder of Reboot. We got a chance to chat with Durovic about the detailed history of Reboot and the Develop conference, and he was happy to spell out details surrounding its origins as well as some of the goals of the conference moving forward.

Durovic discusses some of the origins of the Reboot platform, with roots extending back to print magazine work that later spawned an industry conference similar to PAX. Eventually, the team had enough industry connections to build a showcase for all of the talent behind the games, and the Reboot Develop conference as we know it today was born.

He also details some of the growth experienced by the convention, with big-name speakers drawing increasingly larger crowds to the event. The fact that the convention draws an international crowd is also a huge benefit, as is being able to enjoy the local sights around Croatia.

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