Physical PS Vita Cartridge Production is Ending Next Year

Another nail in the coffin for Sony's redheaded stepchild.


It's only been six years since the Sony's PS Vita handheld released, and the company has all but declared it dead. It's doing just about everything in its power to

The latest move to start steering away from the Vita as part of Sony's viable console portfolio is to stop manufacturing physical PS Vita game cards, which Sony plans to do by the close of fiscal year 2018. Kotaku spotted a message to developers, which declared Sony's US and European branches plans to get rid of the system's physical media.

The end of Sony's 2018 fiscal year is set to end on March 31, 2019, and any Vita product code requests must end up being submitted by June 28, 2018. Any last purchase orders have a deadline of February 15, 2019.

Digital distribution for codes will still continue, so there will likely be additional games coming to the handheld, but we unfortunately won't be seeing any further physical media going forward for the system. This is really disappointing, especially considering that Vita cases are small and cute and fun to collect. It's also like the final, official death knell for the system, so you might want to start snapping up physical media while you can. It might start getting scarce.

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