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Reboot Develop 2018: Kickstarter's Anya Combs Talks Crowdfunding and Community

Shacknews recently got together with Kickstarter's Anya Combs to discuss the platform's ongoing efforts at Reboot Develop 2018.


There have been a lot of high-profile members of the gaming community spending some time in Croatia at Reboot Develop 2018. Shacknews was on location, and we had a chance to get together to speak with Kickstarter Games Outreach Lead Anya Combs about the recent successes of the Kickstarter platform as well as the general state of crowdfunding efforts and crowdfunded video games.

Among many other topics, Combs speaks about the effects she's seen Kickstarter make on the indie games development scene, where users who fund a video game project become more likely to fund another video game project down the line. She also touches on communities that build up around potential crowdfunding failures, specifically the efforts of those who want to see their peers' projects succeed.

Combs also spoke about some of her roles with regard to Kickstarter at the Reboot Develop experience, and aside from plans to spend some time enjoying leisure activities, she's focused on advocating for the Kickstarter brand and pulling together creators for different project ideas.

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