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Reboot Develop 2018: Phil Elliot On Fostering Growth of Indie Developers

The top man at Square Enix Collective goes into detail about the realities of indie game publishing and its importance to the industry as a whole.


While mingling with the crowd in Croatia at the 2018 Reboot Develop conference, we ran into Phil Elliot. As the Director of Indie Publishing for Square Enix West, Elliot is in charge of the Square Enix Collective program. Started in 2013, the Collective works to help indie devs get their projects pitched to a larger audience and offers publishing for the best of those projects. We spoke with Elliot about the Reboot Develop conference and its continued growth and his involvement in fostering the growth of the independent game scene.

Elliot explains how the gaming market of the mid-2000s resulted in the resurgence of smaller games and why the innovation behind such projects helps to propel the industry as a whole into the future. Also discussed is the process at Square Enix Collective for prospective developers and how the program can help them take an idea and turn it into a shipped title.

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