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Conjure Strike Impressions: VR Moba With Some Sweet Moves

The indie team behind this VR title has a very fun game on their hands.


Blending concepts from Overwatch and League of Legends is a pretty surefire way to get me interested in a game, especially since Paragon went the way of the dodo. Finding a way to build a hero shooter with MOBA elements and getting it all to work in virtual reality is another thing entirely, but that's what indie dev The Strike Team is doing with its new VR game Conjure Strike.

Conjure Strike a a team-based battle arena shooter that pits teams against each other in objective-based modes. Players use classes that all have unique skills, weapons, and ultimate abilities and communication with teammates is key as you maneuver through the arenas. I got some time to test it out this week and came away pretty excited for what's to come.

I'd like to preface this by revealing that I'm currently undefeated in Conjure Strike and the developers can attest to this. With that out of the way: Conjure Strike is a lot of fun. The game has a smooth locomotion where you move forward/backward and left/right by moving the left analog on the Oculus Touch in relation to where you're facing. It didn't take me very long to acclimate to the movement and immediately took to the skies. It also features a low-poly art style that works really well, but its too early to call it on the environments. Some assets are placeholder at the moment, but, if the player designs are a testament to the game's direction, the final product will be solid. The effects in the game will likely receive some updates as well, but worked really well in the current build.

The map I played on had a degree of verticality, which isn't something one would think of when playing a MOBA, but added additional tactics to the experience. By the end of the test, everyone was taking to the skies and one player actually used this to sneak down below and behind my team.

The game mode we played starts with two objectives in the middle of the map. The two teams of two must retrieve that object and return it to their own base before being able to attack the enemy base. Our matches were typically mad dashes to take the crystal, leaving both teams on an even playing field as we attacked each other's base. With time, both sides got better about preventing that initial capture and delaying damage on their base. There were three classes available and one of them has an advantage when taking the crystal back, but balance is something the team will be working on as they gradually add more classes to the equation.

I tried out two of the three classes and the dev team's goal to create a diverse collection of classes is off to a good start. The Mage Hunter was my favorite of the two, dishing out pretty good range fire but not turning into a complete chump at close range. The Elementalist has a crowd control attack, freezing enemies in place with a projectile you fire like a slingshot. The third, which I'll try out in future tests, is the defense-focused Earth Warden. The Warden can drop turrets down and put up a shield that blocks incoming fire but allows teammates to fire through. Synergy is key and all three could turn the tide in their own way.

There are minions in the game and they can certainly do enough damage to take out players, especially when attempting to destroy the base. I appreciate the added layer they bring to the battle, but would like to see a variation added to the game as the matches get longer. It may not balance well as the game continues to evolve, but it was a thought I had while playing.

I'm looking forward to playing Conjure Strike more and can't wait to see what new classes are created. Hopefully, the tight community will continue to grow throughout testing. It's in early access right now and is only $14.99 on Oculus Home. Stay tuned to Shacknews and look out for more updates in the near future.

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