Devolver Digital & Megacat Studios Create New SNES Game To Benefit Charity

You can buy a brand-new SNES game in the year 2018. Life is good. 


What games are you looking forward to this year? Whether you've got an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Switch, or Super Nintendo, there's something coming for you. Oh yes, I said Super Nintendo. I mentioned it because this year, in 2018, there's a new Super Nintendo title coming out that you'll be able to purchase -- crazy, I know. But it's going to happen!

Devolver Digital, Megacat Studios, and the Take This organization have teamed up for a new Super Nintendo title that's releasing this year: It's called Fork Parker's Crunch Out, and it's a new, original title designed specifically for the Super Nintendo. It'll run you $49.99, but it's all for a good cause.

All the proceeds from sales of Fork Parker's Crunch Out will benefit the Take This organization, a nonprofit that's all about informing the public and gaming community about mental health issues and providing education and services related to those suffering from mental illness.

As far as Fork Parker's Crunch Out, it's an arcade-styled game featuring the CFO of Devolver Digital as he whips a motley crew of game developers into shape from a smaller studio that works out of a garage into hotshot game developers with big bucks, using "questionable" motivation tactics.

"As demonstrated in our 2016 white paper "Crunch Hurts", crunch is an unsustainable practice that exploits game creators' passion at the expense of their physical and mental wellness," Kate Edwards, board member at Take This said. "We applaud and appreciate Devolver Digital's and Megacat Studios' creative approach to exposing the reality of crunch while generously supporting our mission."

You'll get an authentic cartridge that comes in a gorgeous box taken straight from the era of SNES titles as well as a game manual. That's the coolest part of the entire package these days, that's for sure. There are also only 1,000 physical editions being sold via Megacat Studios, so if you're interested in picking one up, make sure you nab one for charity before they're all gone.

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