Battlefield 1 Players Have Finally Opened The Mysterious Zombie Door

Something in Battlefield 1 is about to change, but what?


When it comes to video game Easter eggs, some of them are a pain to find. In the case of Battlefield 1's particular surprise, it took a while to happen upon one -- how long? Oh, just a short while. Nothing major. Just a year.

Battlefield 1 had something known as a "Zombie Door", which was discovered not long after the map Fort Vaux was released in March 2017. The real-world counterpart Fort de Vaux was attacked by the Germans and their forces in World War I during the Battle of Verdun, and this piece of history was added via the They Shall Not Pass DLC in Battlefield 1.

This particular map houses several different Easter eggs, like one last year where there was a message hidden in a song with a "giant shark" that could be found inside a puddle. Yeah, that doesn't make much sense, but those are the kind of things Battlefield 1 has hidden within it. But that wasn't the weirdest part of what all you could potentially find in-game. The weirdest of all so far was the "Zombie Door."

Players were finally able to solve the puzzle behind what all goes into opening said door after a year, at long last. It required players to find nine different switches and flip them in a specific order to spell out the French word "Isolement," which means "isolation." First, players had to figure out that there were switches, and then they had to figure out what the switches required you to do. There was a massive hubbub surrounding getting that door open, but once it was finally pried open, what was found inside was even weirder than we could have imagined.

The room was full of four bunk beds, a scratched horse painting, a drain, and two valves, as well as a strange checkmark pattern on the wall. This new room is known as "Greg's Room" by fans, and is the home of a puzzle that has been solved to give fans the latest Battlefield-related news. It's pretty convoluted, so here's the most important part.

Water was dripping from the ceiling from pipes, which ended up spelling out something in Morse code. It spelled out a website: "" If you go to that website now, you're greeted with a message: "Never be the same." Hidden within the website's code was the same scratched picture taken from the room itself. The social media icons on the site share the following text:

“On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.”

It's a pretty ominous message, and of course this means we'll be getting some sort of announcement about the game in just a couple of weeks. What could it be? What kind of secret is EA hiding? We'll have to be patient while we wait to hear more about the upcoming changes for Battlefield 1, but in the meantime...what kind of theories are you kicking around about what all this might mean? What could be changing?

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