Super Doggo Snack Time Lets You Feed A Hungry Corgi Endless, Delicious Snacks

Why wouldn't you want to play another game with a dog?


This doggo is hungry, and it's up to you to feed it. Take on the role of a polygonal pup (a corgi, natch) and help the hungry hound devour all kinds of treats. That's what you're tasked with doing in Super Doggo Snack Time, one of the cutest mobile games I may ever have had the pleasure of downloading onto my iPhone X. It's seriously adorable, and it's the newest release from Fiveamp.

Super Doggo Snack Time is a casual arcade game where you need to do a little more than simply tap on the foods falling to help your doggo devour the food being tossed at it. You'll need to tap, hold, and release to help your dog catch as many food items as it possibly can while they fall from the dinner table. The dog is cute and all, but it has this bizarre animation where you can hold and release and watch the dog's neck stretch and its mouth open even wider.

It's a free-to-play game that I instantly fell in love with, so if you're looking for a quick and simple distraction, try out this cute little dog-centric game. There's nothing I like to do more in life than make animals and dogs happy, and this is scratching that itch rather nicely for me. Plus, our Shacknews doggo Lola approves.

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