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Companions and Sidekicks in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Become familiar with all seven different companions and five different sidekicks available in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.


Even though Obsidian Entertainment's latest CRPG experience Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is only a single-player game, stalwart heroes will still be able to track down a number of different companions and sidekicks to help out in battles and other tense scenarios. Some companions are available essentially as soon as the game starts, but others must be tracked down or encountered under perilous conditions. Read on to learn more about each companion and sidekick featured in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

All Companions in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

For a greater understanding of each companion's different choice of class, be sure to head over to our guide to all classes and subclasses in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. To learn about other companion attributes, be sure to check out our guide to cultures and origin locations as well as our guide to jobs and background skill bonuses.

Name: Aloth
Race: Wood Elf
Background: Aedyre, Gentry
Class Options: Wizard, Battlemage (Wizard and Fighter), Spellblade (Wizard and Rogue)
Found: at the Engwithan Digsite, just east of Port Maje

Name: Edér
Race: Meadow Human
Background: Dyrwoodan, Farmer
Class Options: Fighter, Rogue, Swashbuckler (Fighter and Rogue)
Found: available at the start of the game.

Name: Maia Rua
Race: Island Aumaua
Background: Rauatai, Marksman
Class Options: Ranger, Scout (Ranger and Rogue), Geomancer (Ranger and Wizard)
Found: at Kahanga Palace, in the Serpent's Crown area within Neketaka

Name: Pallegina
Race: Avian Godlike
Background: Vailian Republics, Soldier
Class Options: Paladin, Crusader (Paladin and Fighter), Herald (Paladin and Chanter)
Found: at Kahanga Palace, in the Serpent's Crown area within Neketaka

Name: Serafen
Race: Wild Orlan
Background: Principi sen Patrena, Slave
Class Options: Barbarian, Cipher, Witch (Barbarian and Cipher)
Found: in a ship encounter shortly after repairs to the Defiant

Name: Tekehu
Race: Marine Godlike
Background: Deadfire Archipelago, Artist
Class Options: Druid, Chanter, Theurge (Druid and Chanter)
Found: inside the Watershaper's Guild, in the Periki's Outlook area within Neketaka

Name: Xoti
Race: Savannah Human
Background: Readceras, Farmer
Class Options: Priest, Monk, Comtemplative (Priest and Monk)
Found: at Port Maje

All Sidekicks in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Name: Fassina
Race: Ocean Folk Human
Background: Vailian Republics, Apprentice
Class: Wizard
Found: within The Dark Cupboard at Periki's Outlook in Nekateka

Name: Konstanten
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Background: Dyrwood, Drifter
Class: Chanter
Found: on the second floor of The Wild Mare

Name: Mirke
Race: Hearth Orlan
Background: Principi Sen Patrena, Raider
Class: Monk
Found: (unknown)

Name: Rekke
Race: Stormfolk Human
Background: (unknown)
Class: Fighter
Found: during a Flotsam event at the eastern edge of the world map.

Name: Ydwin
Race: Pale Elf
Background: The White that Wends, Scientist
Class: Cipher
Found: at Spire of the Soul Seers at The Sacred Stair, within Neketaka

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