Star Trek: Bridge Crew PSVR Gets The Next Generation DLC This Month

Make it so. 


Star Trek: Bridge Crew is one of the closest things to actually joining your favorite Star Trek crew, and it's a fulfilling VR experience for Star Trek fans. That's why it's such great news that additional DLC options are coming to the game -- including a selection of updates taken from the best Star Trek series (no contest), Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What does that mean for you? On May 22, you'll get to purchase the expansion, which comes with a fully-implemented Enterprise-D with new capabilities, including an Operations station, which will replace Engineering. It's all meant to better reflect how the Enterprise's bridge flowed in The Next Generation, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

There'll be a new set of avatar and uniform options as well as Soong-type Androids (Data, if you're nasty) and the biggest whopper of them all: the Borg! The new voyages mode, called "Resistance," takes elements of roguelikes to help players become immersed in a battle against the Borg and a Borg Cube that's one big evil assimilating and killing machine. They'll present randomly generated challenges, and each time you face them again, they'll have adapted to your play style so they'll be ready to take you on.

This particular DLC expansion is going to be a timed PlayStation VR exclusive (though you can play outside of VR if you choose), with the PC version coming this July. The PlayStation VR version will be launching on May 22, so you don't have much longer to wait!

In the meantime, time to start rewatching The Next Generation for some strategy ideas. You're going to need them.

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