Descent's Spiritual Successor Overload Drops Official Soundtrack

It's a 'descent' soundtrack, if we do say so ourselves. 


Need the perfect soundtrack to accompany your time in Revival Productions' Overload? How about the game's actual soundtrack? Honestly, you could use it for just about anything: studying, Facebook stalking, writing, or whatever you need. You could be super meta and listen to it while playing the '90s classic Descent, since Overload is something of a spiritual successor to Descent, after all. It's all up to you, as the official Overload soundtrack launches today via Steam.

Featuring tracks from Descent series composers Dan Wentz, Allister Brimble, and Jerry Berlongieri, the soundtrack should get you in the blastin' things mood, with a selection of various tunes from artists with a unique musical background and history.

“Where sound provides information, music provides inspiration,” said Revival Productions co-creator Matt Toschlog. “As such we decided to incorporate multiple composers to cover the various worlds with an ongoing collage of original music to ramp up the unfolding action. We hope you enjoy the experience!”

Overload won't be out in terms of its official release until May 31 on PC, but the six-degree-of-freedom tunnel shooter certainly looks promising. If you're interested in giving the game a shot, you can try out a "playable teaser" (no, not like that P.T.) via Steam for free. It's a decent (see what I did there?) little slice of Overload that gives you a small bit of the game to test out while waiting for the full release. In the meantime, make sure you check out the full soundtrack for some righteous beats. 

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