Drive Your Own FPV Mini Race Car with the RotorX Wave, Powered By DualShock 4

Watch out, Nintendo Labo! These cars go a lot faster. 


Creating RC cars with Nintendo Labo is fun and all, but what if you could have a much more substantial car to control with an item you probably already own? RotorX is a new Kickstarter-based project that claims to let you drive a "palm-sized race car" with your PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller. Using FPV or first-person view technology and your controller, you'll use micro-drone racing tech to zip around your house, outside, or wherever you think is appropriate to have a tiny car race. You might just want to annoy your pet with it.

Using an RXWave (RotorX Wave) unit, you can use a PlayStation 4 controller to make your own races with the RotorX RASKL rally car, micro drones, hovercrafts, and whatever else the RotorX team comes up with in the future. The team refers to the RXWave as a gaming platform of its own since there are additional vehicle options for the future, which make it sound like a pretty cool project to back. Both the RASKL unit and RXWave device have a 660ft range from each other so you can keep the party going even if you aren't as close to the device as you'd hope. You get about 15 minutes of battery life, and an onboard HD recording system as well.

You can customize your own rally car down to the shell and paint job, with an adjustable wheelbase, interchangeable Lexan body, and more. Additional accessories are planned for furture releases, too. It's a pretty awesome-looking project that's launching on Kickstarter tomorrow, so if you fancy yourself needing a tiny car to drive around your neighborhood by way of PS4 controller, you might want to keep this bad boy on your radar. 

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