Help Name PUBG's 'Abandoned Resort' in Codename: Savage Map

Anything is probably better than this name, to be honest. 


PUBG's latest map is Codename: Savage, and it's out for a select number of players to test at various times. It's not available for everyone just yet, but its brief test periods have made it popular among players hungry for something other than Erangel and Miramar over and over again. There's a certain spot within the map, however, called the Abandoned Resort area, that PUBG Corp. needs help with naming. Like the map itself's name is a placeholder since "Codename: Savage" appears to be just that, the Abandoned Resort will also be undergoing changes, so don't get too comfortable calling it that for now. 

True, "Abandoned Resort" just doesn't have much flair to it. It's a pretty run-of-the-mill name, if you ask me. So PUBG Corp. is asking players to help decide on the name it'll be called permanently when the map is actually released. But you won't get to choose any name and submit it to the company. You can choose from one of five names: Palms Resort, Terrace Resort, Paradise Hotel, Nosidam Resort, or Emerald Resort.

To help vote on one of these choices, you can head over and fill out the PUBG Corp. survey. If you haven't played with the new map yet to check out the area youre helping to name, no worries on that yet, either. The next Savage test should be happening soon, with a bigger scope than the last few. In the meantime, try and lock down a name. It can be a hard decision to make, I totally understand, but try for PUBG's sake.

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