How to Free All Dragons in God of War

Where to find all the dragons and how to free them from captivity in God of War.


The mythical world of God of War wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of dragons. Unlike how Kratos deals with most monsters, these three dragons must be freed in order to gain rewards. Finding these dragons can be a bit challenging, as can actually freeing them from their shackles.

How to Free All Dragons

The way to free all three dragons in God of War is the same for each one. Each dragon will be connected by a tether to a central statue engraved with runes. Find these runes around the area and destroy them to free the dragon and claim the rewards.

Fafnir the Dragon

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Fafnir can be found to the north-east of the Lake of Nine behind the Alfheim Tower. To reach this side area, the water must be lowered a second time. The cave system can be found by going to the Alfheim Tower, and then slightly north of it to find a dock near two giant statues with crossed oars. Enter through the large double doors at the top of the cliff to enter this little area.

god of war hidden chamber fafnir runes

To free Fafnir, all three runes must be destroyed before Kratos can interact with the tether. One rune can be found to the left of the rune table, below the dragon’s right foot.

god of war hidden chamber fafnir rune 2

The next is found by following the main path around to the left. It's at the end of the path by itself.

god of war hidden chamber fafnir rune 3

The last rune is found in the upper level on the right, accessed by climbing the cliff – be careful, a Traveler waits at the top. With the three runes destroyed, approach the tablet and prepare for a fight. Two Vikens will spawn along with a Revenant.

Veithurgard Dragon

Another dragon can be found in Veithurgard, a region to the east of the Lake of Nine. This region contains a few Eyes of Odin ravens, along with a Nornir chest. From the dock, take the central path up the middle to find the dragon perched on the cliff.

god of war dragon veithurgard dragon runes

The first rune can be found by running up the path toward the dragon, and then taking a hard left. Stick to the left and the rune will be at the edge of a cliff. The second rune can be found by approaching the dragon and going to the right, it is a short distance up the path.

god of war dragon veithurgard dragon rune 2

To reach the final rune, Kratos will need to go far left of the dragon toward a collection of stones, and then to the right to access the bridge with the gold rocks blocking the way. To clear the rocks, move through the area, going past a collection of Stonehenge-like structures to get another angle on the bridge. Aim for the explosive pot to clear the rocks for easy access.

god of war dragon veithurgard dragon rune 3

Head up to the large rune-locked double doors and input the correct runes (T and R, N and F) and continue through the passage. Stick to the right to exit onto a plateau near the dragon and the last rune shrine. Return to the dragon and interact with the lock to free it.

Konunsgard Dragon

The final dragon can be found in Konunsgard, which is an area unavailable until you finish Brok and Sindri’s Favors. Speak to Brok and Sindri every time you see them to receive some small tasks. After completing them all, they will ask Kratos to go on a trek to Konunsgard, an area locked by a key.

The Konunsgard dragon is found far down into the area, past the large double-doors. This is a labyrinthine area that can be difficult to navigate, so take some time to explore each nook and cranny.

god of war dragon konunsgard dragon rune 1

To free the Konunsgard dragon, you must fine all three rune shrines and smash them to break the chain. The first can be found down in front of the dragon, sitting in the open. The second rune is to the left of the dragon, in a cave.

god of war dragon konunsgard dragon rune 2

The final rune is difficult to reach, as it is locked behind a door that requires you to ring the three nearby rune bells. Use the nearby World Tree Sap to throw a crystal behind the caged one on the left, then shoot it and the sap near the bell on the right at the same time, and throw Kratos’ Leviathan axe at the bell on the upper left to unlock the door. If done quickly, the sap should explode, ringing both bells as the Leviathan axe hits the final rune bell.

god of war dragon konunsgard dragon rune 3

Open the sealed door and move through this new area, lower the bridge, and follow the path up around the bend to reach the final rune shrine to destroy. With all three gone, return to the rune tether and interact with it to free the final dragon.

Freeing all the dragons rewards Kratos with a highly coveted dragon tear, a legendary resource used to upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages talisman. Head over to the Shacknews God of War guide for more walkthroughs and collectible guides – there’s plenty more to find!

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