Nintendo Details Plans to Support 3DS in 2019 and Beyond

Don't pawn your handheld just yet. 


If you’re one of the naysayers who loves to talk about how much Nintendo apparently hates its cadre of 3DS and 2DS handhelds, prepare for a dose of reality. Nintendo is going to continue supporting the 3DS, at the very least all the way through 2019. If that’s not reason enough to grab all the special edition consoles you can, aside from the fact that you may be spending your rent money, then I don’t know what is.

During the latest Nintendo financial results briefing, now-former Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima announced Nintendo's plans for new software coming to the 3DS through 2019 and "beyond," which means that the handheld could potentially exist alongside the Nintendo Switch as we've all been hoping for.

"We will continue the Nintendo 3DS business by leveraging its installed base and rich software library. We believe it is important to leverage the rich library of Nintendo 3DS series titles to drive sales with existing Nintendo 3DS owners as well as with consumers who recently purchased the Nintendo 3DS hardware, and are investigating strategies for doing so," said Kimishima.

"In addition to the titles currently on sale, we have announced the coming release of the titles shown here. We are even preparing new software for release in 2019 and beyond. Our plan is to continue maintaining this business by taking advantage of new titles like these."

If you're a fan of the 3DS like I am, you'll no doubt be excited by this news, especially when there are still so many potential releases out there that deserve to see the light of day. It would be fantastic to see the Switch and 3DS coexist, so we'll see what happens as the year stretches on.

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