All Hidden Chamber Locations in God of War

Test your skills in the seven Hidden Chambers of Odin in God of War.


God of War has a lot of side quests and fights to experience after the main story, and one of the most challenging pieces of content are the Hidden Chambers of Odin. These chambers are scattered throughout Midgard and the other realms, and will contain a tough boss for Kratos and Atreus to fight, as well as some powerful loot.

All Hidden Chambers

Before you begin searching, make sure you know how to open hidden chambers or else you’ll be stuck standing out front with nothing to do! Finding the hidden chambers in the world will mark it on the map and help complete one of the Labors, but a few are tucked away and are difficult to find.

It’s a good idea to wait until the end of the game to begin finding and unlocking these hidden chambers, as most of them contain Valkyries, God of War’s toughest boss fights.

There are seven to be found across the three main realms:

  • Wildwoods
  • The River Pass
  • Foothills
  • The Mountain
  • Thamur’s Corpse
  • Alfheim
  • Helheim

Hidden Chamber 1 - Wildwoods

god of war hidden chamber wildwoods

The first hidden chamber can be found in the Wildwoods, the home of Kratos and Atreus. You should return here after venturing into Helheim, or after finishing the game. To reach it, go to the back of Kratos’ house and clear the black vines on the wooden ladder. Climb up into the arena, fight the enemies, and drop down into the next area and turn left to spot the hidden chamber. This hidden chamber contains three Realm Tears to open.

Hidden Chamber 2

god of war hidden chamber witch's cave the river pass

Another hidden chamber is located in the Witch’s Cave, below the Witch’s house in The River Pass. This particular hidden chamber contains a Valkyrie called Kara. In this fight, the Valkyrie summons enemies to fight on her behalf. These enemies are level 4, so consider attempting this fight when Kratos and Atreus are sufficiently strong.

Hidden Chamber 3

god of war hidden chamber foothills the mountain

This hidden chamber is found after meeting Sindri for the first time in the Foothills on the way to The Mountain. From Sindri, go straight and then turn left to climb the wall. Head up the new path and instead of going left through the cavern towards a climbing point, turn right and into the cave to find the hidden chamber. This hidden chamber contains a Valkyrie called Geirdriful, so prepare for a fight. The Leviathan axe is an invaluable asset during this fight. Whenever the Valkyrie goes into the air, immediately throw the axe to knock it down and stun it.

Hidden Chaimber 4

god of war hidden chamber The Mountain

This hidden chamber is located in The Mountain region and contains a Valkyrie called Eir. To locate this hidden chamber, continue into the mountain to reach the large open cavern where Kratos had to ride a claw to the top. On the right-hand side of this area is the hidden chamber.

Hidden Chamber 5

god of war hidden chamber Thamur's Corpse

A hidden chamber is located in the Thamur’s Corpse region in Midgard and is easily accessed after completing the main story quest, The Magic Chisel. The hidden chamber is between the giant’s fingers. This Hidden Chamber contains a Valkyrie called Gunnr and will likely be the first Valkyrie you face. She is reasonably easy compared to the other Valkyries you’ll fight, so take the time to acquaint yourself with her speed and moveset.

Hidden Chamber 6

god of war hidden chamber alfheim

This hidden chamber is found in Alfheim in the lake near the ringed temple. After freeing the boat, continue through the channel until you reach the lake, then stick left. Kratos will arrive at a small beach with two cave systems on the right. The one with the horseshoe-shaped statue out front leads to the hidden chamber. This chamber contains a Valkyrie called Olrun.

Hidden Chamber 7

god of war hidden chamber helheim

This hidden chamber is located in Helheim and can be found by continuing down the main path, through the large double doors, and onto the main bridge. Look to the left to find some sap that Atreus will need to shoot with a Shock Arrow to clear the path. This hidden chamber contains a Valkyrie called Rota. This is an exceptionally difficult chamber, so consider coming back when you’re at least level 6.

With all the Hidden Chambers of Odin cleared, the Labor will be complete and you’ll be one step closer to slaying all the Valkyries and figuring out what’s going on with them. Head over to our God of War guide for more walkthroughs and collectible guides.

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