Fullbright's Space-Centric Tacoma Gets A May Release Date on PS4

It's lonely out in space.


Tacoma, Fullbright's spacey adventure game that previously blasted off on Xbox One and PC, is coming to PlayStation 4 this May. On May 8, you can embark on a journey that you won't soon forget.

It was first available on both platforms last August, though you don't need to play on those systems now. The official PlayStation Blog broke the news, which should be exciting to all you narrative adventure fans.

Take on the role of Amy Ferrier, who's tasked with investigating the weirdness on the space station Tacoma, namely what seems to have happened to all of her crew members. She must also bring back the old AI system that had been responsible for the ship's maintenance. But it quickly turns into something much more sinister than that, as you'll soon find out.

If you're interested in taking on this heady task, you can jump into Amy's shoes and preorder the game right now for $15.99, and an additional 5% off if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber until May 7 at 11 PM PT. Just remember the old adage: In space, no one can hear you scream.

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