Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Bring Killer7 Collaboration to PS4

Name a more iconic collaboration. We'll wait. 


Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment America are celebrating a storied 20 years in the industry, and that means players get a chance to relive one of Grasshopper's and Suda51's coolest creations thus far: Killer7.

There's a special collaboration planned starting today between multiplayer online title Let It Die and Killer7 on PlayStation 4 that'll last all the way through May 24. Exclusive weapons, decals with various different effects, and limited-time quests and rewards are up for grabs during this time, which you can and should grab if you enjoyed the cult favorite Killer7 back on PlayStation 2.

Charactres like Harman Smith, Mask De Smith, Iwazaru, and several other familiar faces from Killer7 will be up for grabs as decals, and you can purchase them with Death Metals at the Mushroom Club. You can also nab the blueprint for Harman Smith's special weapon called the GLIDER if you complete an event quest during the collaboration. Chat with Naomi Detox in the arcade for more details on how to get it.

To top it all off, you'll be able to tune into the new radio station to hear the track "RAVE ON" in the Waiting Room, which should get your blood pumping since that's basically what it was created to do. Don't miss this collab, especially if you loved Killer7 as much as I did and still do. Hopefully this is the gateway to a remastered version in the future...please, Suda?

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