Nintendo Applies for New Japanese Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, & Punch-Out!! Trademarks

Hopefully this means a new entry for every single one of those titles. 


Nintendo could be prepping to bring us more of some of its most famous franchises in the near future, if a series of Japanese trademarks the company has prepped are any indication of future plans. It turns out the company has applied for several trademarks for Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario, and Punch-Out!!, though that's just about all the information we have on said trademarks at present.

The folks at Japanese Nintendo have provided images of each trademark, but they don't exactly offer us much of a picture to go by when it comes to what kind of releases we can expect to come of these trademarks.

As you can see from the example, they're all in Japanese, and aside from game titles stating that they're for "purposes of video game program" and "downloadable video game program," which could mean just about anything. The most logical assumption to make is that Nintendo could soon be working to bring us new versions of games already on Wii U in the past on Switch, because it would make too much sense to just work on new games, right?

Cynicism aside, it sure would be nice to get entries in all of these franchises, especially Mario Party, with Joy-Con-centric minigames akin to 1-2-Switch. As soon as more information comes down the pipeline, we'll investigate further and let you know what to expect from these hit series -- hopefully new announcements to come, possibly at E3 2018!

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