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Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Introduces New Hero, Enemies, Playable Region, Game Mode

Ana Bray is the hero that will be helping you out as you unravel the secrets of a new, ice-covered playable space on Mars.


Today, Bungie streamed the reveal of Destiny 2's second expansion: Warmind. The developers set the tone by mentioning this tweet from Parris of Gamertag radio:

They immediately followed that up by showing players a new landing zone on Mars, where a new time capsule is being uncovered. Rasputin's stronghold is seen off in the distance and this is his birthplace, but that's all that's revealed about the story elements coming in Warmind. 

Once they complete the campaign, players will be able to take on the new Frozen Hive enemies while seeking out new secrets and hidden lore in the new playable area. Ana Bray is a new hero that players will encounter in this expansion. She will be your vendor and also be instrumental in unraveling the story.

Escalation Protocol is a new mode being introduced in the Warmind expansion. The new mode operates like a public event that must be activated by players. The objective draws in waves of Hive enemies and, as you progress, stronger versions of Hive will arrive. There's a rotation of unique bosses and rewards for the event as well. Escalation Protocol is exclusive to the Warmind expansion, so players will have to purchase the new DLC to gain access to this new event. A new emote wheel with some new emotes is also planned for Warmind.

New weapons are coming with the Warmind expansion and the development team has revealed the crown jewel of the new additions: Redrix's Claymore. The team says that it will be one of the hardest weapons to earn in Destiny 2. Once you earn it, you'll be able to test it out in the new Crucible maps that come exclusively to the Warmind expansion.

In addition to these new reveals, the Bungie team has already teased the changes coming to Exotic weapons in the Warmind expansion. The Warmind expansion will arrive May 8, 2018. Destiny 2 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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