Destiny 2 Expansion Warmind Reveal Coming Tomorrow on Twitch

Ready to learn more about what Warmind contains? Make sure you tune in. 


Destiny 2 fans (are there any of you left out there?) can look forward to tomorrow's official Twitch stream reveal of the new upcoming expansion, Warmind. The expansion will touch on the game's return to Mars and possibly a whole lot more than that as Bungie takes to streaming platforms to show off everything players want to know about what they'll be doing in Warmind.

This is the second all-new expansion since Curse of Osiris, which didn't take long to arrive after Destiny 2 first made the scene. Warmind is currently targeting a May 8 release, and yet we don't really know that much about it to begin with, which makes it feel all the more mysterious.

The teaser trailer shows us a few interesting tidbits, including a new area named Hellas Basin, as well as the "Hive Escalation Protocol," but we still have no idea what that even is. It could be a special new survival-based mode where you need to protect yourself against hordes of Hive, or it could be something decidedly less sinister. Either way, we'll learn more about it during the stream, which is scheduled to begin on April 24 at 10 AM PST. In the meantime, let us know what your favorite part of Destiny 2 is...if you're still playing it. 

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