PUBG Update To Get New Weapon & Attachment Changes, Level 3 Helmet Limited to Care Packages Only

Sometimes, change is good.


PUBG is about to introduce several new changes to both weapon balance and attachments in-game in the coming weeks, according to an update posted via Steam. PUBG Corp. has announced that it's looking to make it so that no one singular gun will "feel" as though it's better than the others available to you, based on the philosophy that you should simply choose a weapon based on how effective it is depending on the situation as well as personal preference. Thus, weapon balancing is in the cards, though there isn't a specific date as far as when you'll be able to expect these changes.

In addition, alterations are being made to weapon attachments, namely to add more for you to choose from. Similar to the ideology with the weapons being made more "equal," PUBG Corp. is aiming to help players choose attachments that feel right based on the situations rather than there being one that's "best."

Finally, the level three helmet is being changed up a bit as well. Normally it gives you an extra life of sorts, as it'll save you from a headshot you'd otherwise die from. It's being removed from loot spawn tables and sent only to care packages, so it'll be even harder to come across going forward.

These changes will be rolled out to test servers in the near future, but there isn't a planned testing or release period just yet. Once there is, we'll know about it as PUBG Corp. plans to send out an announcement.

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