Google Shuts Down Another Messaging App, Sun Rises in the East

Google should probably stop experimenting at this point. 


Raise your hand if you're using Google Hangouts. Raise your hand if you really loved GChat. Now, jump up and down if you think both of those things sucked and Google should have made a new messaging service. Blink really fast if you feel like Google should immediately scrap that messaging service, then start work on a brand new one to go through the entire cycle again. Confused? Yeah, I thought you might be.

Seemingly right after announcing Allo, Google's latest messaging service, the company has decided to instead pursue work on its next project, RCS (Rich Communication Services). It's hitting the pause button on Allo's development to swap tasks so it can continue working on the new service, which Google bids as an alternative to text messaging and other similar chat apps.

This isn't the first time Google has mentioned RCS, but now the company is backing it as simply "Chat" and putting all its resources behind making it a reality. The technology allows SMS messages to become standardized across devices, similar to Apple's iMessage system. RCS would allow users to chat for free across different devices, regardless if they're using Apple or Android phones. It's going to be a long road to ensure this process actually works, but it could eventually include connectivity with other chat apps, especially since Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage seem to be dominating the space right now.

Google has currently recruited over 55 operators to support its Chat client, but it doesn't have any idea of when it might roll out the new service. Fortunately, with a renewed focus on its new RCS-based functionality, this probably means we won't be subjected to new Google chat apps every few months again, like it seems we were for a period of time there. If Google can bring this service to fruition, admittedly, it would be pretty cool though.

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