New LEGO Incredibles Trailer Demonstrates the Power of Teamwork

It's not a stretch to say Elastigirl may be the coolest hero. 


If you're a Disney or Pixar fan, you've got plenty to look forward to this summer, with The Incredibles 2 hitting theaters and LEGO The Incredibles releasing on all major platforms. Today, Warner Bros. gave us something to whet our appetites for all things Incredible: a new look at LEGO The Incredibles, with the game's first real trailer!

As you were likely expecting, LEGO The Incredibles showcases a whole host of different powers you'll come to wield as each member of the Parr family. In fact, the trailer follows the superpowered clan as they suit up and tackle the day with their unique talents.

Both the original Incredibles movie and the upcoming Incredibles 2 will be represented in the game, with abilities like Mr. Incredible's super strength and Elastigirl's transformations taking center stage. Players will work together as the game drives home the meaning of teamwork as the family is the strongest when they combine their talents.

LEGO The Incredibles is launching on June 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Go see the movie, then grab the game and have a family gaming night. You deserve it!

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