God of War Release Date, Pre-Load Time, and Pre-Order Bonuses

Be among the first to enjoy Kratos' latest adventure by checking up on the God of War release date and pre-load download time.


The time for Kratos to begin his next blood-soaked adventure is nearly upon us. Initial reveals for the updated PlayStation 4 God of War release were made months ago, and even though it may feel like years at this point, the latest entry from Sony Santa Monica is coming in hot. Players who want to get into the experience as soon as possible will no doubt be interested to know when exactly the game will release; we've got that information covered, plus we've got information on when those who digitally pre-ordered the game can expect God of War game data to download as well as some of the pre-order bonuses they can expect to enjoy.

God of War PlayStation 4 Release Date and Pre-Load Time

Players who like to stay on top of the God of War franchise or PlayStation 4 exclusive games in general won't have to wait long before the new game releases. As revealed by the official PlayStation Twitter account, God of War is currently slated to release on April 20.

In the modern era of gaming, not all players are going to want to wait outside of stores to score an early copy of the game. Many players are hoping to jump into Kratos' newest tale as soon as possible, meaning they're the sort to buy the game digitally and wait for its pre-load download to begin. In that case, players should find the game files starting to download sometime today, as Sony has stated that pre-loading will begin on April 17.

Pre-Order Bonuses for God of War

Those who have opted for a digital pre-order of God of War can look forward to a few special pre-order bonuses. The standard digital edition of the game will simply come packed with several God of War-themed avatars that users can use to deck out their profiles. On the other hand, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes a wide array of bonuses:

• God of War Digital Artbook from Dark Horse Comics
• God of War Digital Comic Issue #0, also from Dark Horse Comics
• Death's Vow Armor Set (in-game)
• Exile's Guardian Shield (in-game)
• God of War PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme
• God of War avatars
• Kratos and Atreus Pin (special Digital Deluxe Edition bonus)

Players who pre-order the physical editions of God of War are also entitled to specific bonuses: depending on the retailer, gamers may gain access to three exclusive shield designs, including the Shining Elven Soul Shield, Buckler of the Forge, and the Dökkenshieldr, the likes of which can be seen above. Those who pre-order from Gamestop will also receive the Luck of Ages XP Boost to help speed up their in-game progress.

Looking to learn more information about the latest God of War experience? Players can learn loads of in-depth details by checking out Shacknews' official God of War review. Otherwise, be sure to keep it tuned right here to Shacknews as we unveil more stories and guides over the coming weeks.

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