Tiny Bull Studios Brings Blind, A Chilling Psychological Thriller, to VR

Without your sight to guide you, the darkness seems much more terrifying. 


Sometimes, it's what you can't see that kills you. In the case of Tiny Bull Studios' Blind, you take up the role of a woman who's lost her sight as she's forced to face her darkest fears, all the while using echolocation as a means for survival. Of course, it appears this woman wasn't born blind, but she ends up waking up in a strange room and discovering that she can no longer see. I can think of few more unnerving situations, and that's just the setup.

Similar to the game Perception, Blind finds you wandering around the strange new area you find yourself in using sound waves that only reveal object outlines for a brief few moments. With the "Warden" around to tell you where to go, you need to navigate a mysterious mansion, solve the many puzzles it houses, and then face off against a so-called "worst enemy," though there's no indication as to what that may be. I hope it's not a nest of spiders.

The VR-only title began life during 2014's Global Game Jam, which hosted a competition for developers using the theme "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." From there, after winning several awards, the prototype was shown off at GDC 2014 and picked up by indie label Surprise Attack Games.

If Blind looks like your cup of tea (get it?) it'll be available later this year for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR, and PlayStation VR, with about four or five hours of narrative-driven puzzle gameplay. Just don't expect a seeing eye dog to help you out of this predicament.

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