8-Bit Retro Gaming Love Letter Venture Kid is Coming to Switch

Travel back to a simpler time with this upcoming platformer. 


Looking to turn back the clock with a great platformer evocative of the classics? You'll want to check out Venture Kid, a former smartphone-only release that's now coming to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive. While a PC version is in the works as well, this is the only console that'll see it getting an official debut. Originally published by FDG games, the team behind Monster Boy, it combines 8-bit retro graphics with the same classic sensibilities for a unique experience.

If you're thinking it looks a lot like Mega Man, you wouldn't be wrong, but that is on purpose. You'll follow hero Andy as he works to defeat the evil Dr. Teklov, who's hard at work building a secret weapon while housed in his enormous space fortress. He can't be left to his own devices to simply do as he pleases, so you've got to stop him before he completes it. Along the way, that means you've got to tackle nine different bosses across nine action-packed levels with eight different power-ups to help you along your journey.

With a chip tune soundtrack from Retro City Rampage's Matt Creamer, it should feel like a properly retro-tinged journey as you make your way through the game. If you're interested in seeing a bit more of the game, check out its Steam Greenlight page. Planning on playing? You may want to sharpen your Mega Man skills in preparation of starting it up.

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