EVE Fanfest 2018 EVE Online Exclusive Interview: Executive Producer Andie Nordgren

Nordgren was on hand to chat about all things Into the Abyss and the efforts CCP takes to circumvent bots and hacking. 


EVE Fanfest 2018 is a yearly celebration of all things EVE Online, and this year's event had plenty of goodies in store for players, including a whole new swath of content. CCP Seagull, or Executive Producer Andie Nordgren, was available at EVE Fanfest 2018 to chat about the game's newest expansion, Into the Abyss.

Into the Abyss brings several new additions to the basic game, and it's expected for release on May 29. It's free for all players, with an exploraton and survival hook that comes from Abyssal Deadspace, which is littered all over space. You'll have to avoid the new enemy, the Triglavian Collective, if you want to live. You can also utilize a new item called Mutaplasmids, which will help you evolve and alter equipment you already have in your inventory. 

Nordgren discussed Into the Abyss in detail during the interview as well as the company's efforts against keeping hackers and bots out of the picture when it comes to EVE Online in general.

"We're looking to identify what we can see as suspicious behavior," Nordgren explained, in terms of player accounts being compromised after attacks on their email being broken into. "That's a terrible experience for people and hard for use to reverse since EVE is such a player-driven economy. It's a more complex issue for us than with other games."

Hear the rest of what Nordgren had to say in our interview above, and be sure to follow our EVE Fanfest 2018 coverage for all things EVE!

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