EVE Fanfest 2018 EVE Online Exclusive Interview: CSM Steve Ronuken

Ronuken was kind enough to discuss his role within the company and the various tasks he completes for the community. 


EVE Fanfest 2018 was rife with several important figures in the EVE Online community, and Shacknews was able to sit down with quite a few of them for a rousing chat about the state of the game and other important aspects.

Steve Ronuken, also known as Steve Anderson in the real world, was on hand to discuss his work in the game and community. Ronuken is responsible for industry in EVE and runs a company called Fuzzwork Enterprises, which also has a website. It's also one of the biggest destinations online for EVE players, as he notes.

He's part of the Council of Stellar Management, or a player-elected council created to help represent players' views as a whole to CCP. Think of Steve's role as a go-between who can act on behalf of the player populace.

He also works on third-party development, which as he notes on his personal blog, affects most players. So if you've enjoyed EVE Online at any point, you've probably come across something Ronuken has worked on!

"I can play with stuff with EVE and then use it in real life," says Ronuken. Sounds like a dream job for anyone interested in playing, right? 

Check out our exclusive interview with Ronuken above, and be sure to follow our EVE Fanfest 2018 coverage for all things EVE!

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