Superman Saves The Day in Tencent's Arena of Valor for His 80th Anniversary

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman in Arena of Valor!


It's nearly time to celebrate Superman's 80th anniversary, which marks the invincible superhero's debut as one of DC Comics' (and the world's) most recognizable superheroes, and several games are welcoming Supes into their rosters for a limited time. In the case of Tencent Gaming's Arena of Valor, the Man of Steel is unlockable for free through regular gameplay and taking part in the anniversary event that's going on in-game.

Arena of Valor, for the uninitiated, is a 5v5 mobile MOBA that lets you get involved in casual or competitive esports matches on the go on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. With Superman on board, the game continues its inclusion of other familiar DC Comics mainstays like The Joker and Wonder Woman. There's more to come already planned for future events, but being that Superman is kind of the Cadillac of DC heroes, you're getting a pretty powerful hero already.

Superman is available ahead of Arena of Valor's Valor Series set of tournaments to figure out who will take the gold in the upcoming Arena of Valor World Cup. Taking place in Los Angeles this July, teams from 12 different regions will go at it to determine a winner who'll take home part of a prize pool of $500,000. Think it could be you? Nab Superman and take your skills on the road to see where things lead you. He's an awesome character, after all. 

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