EVE Online Heads 'Into the Abyss' With Latest Content Expansion

A massive chunk of free content drops this May. 


Looking for the next big thing coming to EVE Online? It's getting an entirely new expansion in the form of Into the Abyss, a massive addition to the game launching this May. Announced today during EVE Fanfest festivities in Reykjavík, Iceland, fans were treated to a look at the free update, which will be available to all players, whether they pay for game subscriptions or explore space for free.

The new update offers a new adventure with untold treasures and rewards, as well as new inhabitants to keep an eye out for. According to CCP, it should feel as unfamiliar to veteran players as it does to any new players who decide to jump on board going forward.

A new hostile environment called the Abyssal Deadspace will be added to the game, which plays home to a group of new mysterious adversaries known as the Triglavian Collective. While out exploring New Eden, you can slip into the Abyssal Deadspace from just about anywhere. The more you explore the area, the more hostile it becomes. When you're there, you'll have to fight in PvE battles against the NPCs that comprise the Triglavian Collective. It's single-player only, which essentially means instance-based dungeons are out there floating around in space just waiting to be explored.

Found within the wastes of the Abyssal Deadspace are new mutaplasmids, which can be transformed into Abyssal modules for more powerful items or treasures to sell. There are plenty of reasons to go spelunking in this strange new area, but if you've been looking for a reason to try out EVE Online and wished it had more single-player content, this is a great reason.

This new expansion comes in time for the 15th anniversary of EVE Online's debut. It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long since we took to space with our own ships and started poking around at the various factions up there.

You can check out the video from CCP Games honoring EVE Online's 15th anniversary above, and be sure to check back at Shacknews for more EVE Fanfest coverage!

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