How to Unlock Old Betsy Fishing Rod in Far Cry 5

Learn how to get your hands on Old Betsy, the best fishing rod in Far Cry 5. 


Hope County is a lush and beautiful environment, and what better way to enjoy everything Montana has to offer than to spend some time fishing? An avid fisher will want to get the best gear available, and that just so happens to be a fishing rod called Old Betsy. Unlocking the Old Betsy fishing rod in Far Cry 5 isn’t as simple getting the other rods, it involves pushing your fishing skills to their limits.

How to Unlock Old Betsy Fishing Rod

Out of the four available fishing rods, the Old Betsy is the best of the bunch. It offers the best handling, good reel speed, and the best line strength, which will come in handy when you want to catch some bigger fish. To unlock the Old Betsy fishing rod, you will need to beat all the record weights for all the fish in the Hope County area – so you better know how to fish.

As you explore Hope County, you’re bound to discover scoreboards with fish weights written on them, these are the weights which must be beaten in order to get Old Betsy. The records are split into two different categories: weight records for the entire Hope County (on the left) and region-specific weight records (on the right). You will need to capture a larger fish for each one listed on the board.

You can capture the fish on the left wherever you please, but the fish on the right must be captured within that specific region.

All Regions

Bull Trout – The Bull Trout can be found in the northwest area of Jacob’s Region, near Langford Lake. The target weight you’re looking to catch is over 21 pounds.

Golden Trout – Head to the Silver Lake in Jacob’s Region to find the little Golden Trout. Your next step is to catch a Golden Trout that weights over 4 pounds.

Lake Trout – Locate Fort Drubman in Jacob’s Region of Hope County and then head north to find Wishbone’s Lake, the best spot to fish Lake Trout. You will need to catch one that weighs more than 37 pounds.

Rainbow Trout – Catching a Rainbow Trout over 28 pounds will be the last fish to catch that’s part of the All Regions category and can be caught to the southwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Holland Valley Region

Pallid Sturgeon – Reeling in a Pallid Sturgeon that weighs over 55 pounds will smash this record. To find a Pallid Sturgeon, go south of the Lamb of God Church in Holland Valley.

Paddlefish Sturgeon – The Paddlefish Sturgeon can be found by heading to the south of Holland Valley to Rye and Sons Aviation, and then southwest. You will need to beat the previous record of 112 pounds.

Whitetail Mountain Region

Chinook Salmon – You will need to catch a Chinook Salmon that weighs more than 27 pounds if you want to beat this record and claim the Old Betsy fishing rod. This fish can be found to the northwest of the F.A.N.G. Center.

Kokanee Salmon – The Kokanee Salmon in the southwest waters of Cedar Lake. The record to beat is 6 pounds.

Arctic Grayling Salmon – Head to the southwest side of Jacob’s Region to locate the Arctic Grayling Salmon. Keep trying to catch them until you get one that weighs more than 3 pounds.

Henbane Region

Smallmouth Bass – The Smallmouth Bass can be caught near the two gun stores in the Henbane River Region. The target weight to beat is 6 pounds.

Largemouth Bass – Largemouth Bass can be found in close proximity to the Smallmouth Bass in the nearby river. You will need to catch one that weighs more than 8 pounds.

Rock Bass – The final fish you will need to catch to unlock the Old Betsy fishing rod is a Rock Bass, which can be caught in in the lake of the same namesake: Rock Bass Lack. You’ll need to beat a measly 3 pounds to claim this record.

With all the records from each of the regions in Hope County beaten, you’ll be able to get your hands on Old Betsy and vastly improve your fish-catching performance. If you don’t get Old Betsy immediately, you might just need to wait a bit for the reward to unlock! Now head over to our Far Cry 5 guide for more useful tips for surviving Hope County.

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