Where to Find Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Wildlands

The location of Sam Fisher is a heavily guarded secret, only known by a handful of elite agents.


As part of the game’s Year 2 Pass, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will play home to a special, sneaky character that hasn’t appeared in a game for roughly five years now: Sam Fisher. Knowing where to find Sam Fisher is another problem due to the man’s decade’s worth of experience sticking to the shadows and staying out of sight. If you want to gain access to Sam Fisher’s night vision goggles, you’re going to need to know where to find him, and how to complete Fisher's mission.

Where to Find Sam Fisher

Finding the location of Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon: Wildlands is as challenging as you would expect. The man is exceptionally talented at staying undetected, and although you might know of his whereabouts, it’s going to take a lot of skill and patience to actually reach him.

Sam Fisher can be found in the northwest area of La Cruz, as highlighted by three circles (a symbol of the iconic green night vision goggles). You will need to sneak into the building without drawing attention from any of the guards, and without killing any of them in the process. You’ll find Sam in a building nearby, on the second floor by a computer. Help Sam with what he needs, specifically, clearing out any UNIDAD that show up to interrupt the hack.

With the area clear, the next section of the Sam Fisher mission tasks you with extracting and reaching the next location highlighted by the night vision goggle symbol. When you arrive at the hut, you’ll be greeted with another cutscene. This cinematic reveals a little bit about Sam Fisher’s next mission, and could very well be a nod at Ubisoft’s plans for another entry into the Splinter Cell series. One can only hope. With the mission complete, Sam Fisher's iconic night vision goggles will be yours (so long as you complete it by May 16). Now, make sure to keep Sam Fisher's location a secret, there's no knowing who's looking for him.

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