Overwatch League Standings After Stage 3, Week 1

Stage 3 continues, as Shacknews takes a look at the current Overwatch League standings.


Stage 3 of the Overwatch League has begun. Shacknews is continuing to keep up with all of the action as closely as possible. Let's look at the overall standings after this first week. As we rapidly approach the halfway point of the regular season, remember that the top six teams advance to the Overwatch League playoffs.

Photo credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League Standings After Stage 3, Week 1 (Win-Loss, Map Differential)

  • 1. New York Excelsior (20-2, +54)
  • 2. London Spitfire (15-7, +30)
  • 3. Seoul Dynasty (15-7, +18)
  • 4. Boston Uprising (14-8, +14)
  • 5. Philadelphia Fusion (14-8, +9)
  • 6. Los Angeles Valiant (13-9, +16)
  • 7. Houston Outlaws (13-9, +14)
  • 8. Los Angeles Gladiators (11-11, -1)
  • 9. San Francisco Shock (7-15, -17)
  • 10. Dallas Fuel (6-16, -26)
  • 11. Florida Mayhem (4-18, -40)
  • 12. Shanghai Dragons (0-22, -71)

Game of the Week

Teams were all over the place in this first week of Stage 3. Top teams were getting crushed, bottom-of-the-rung squads were looking good, and then suddenly everything flipped over again. But the most fun match of the week belonged to the Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire, two teams that have grown familiar with one another.

Houston came in as a squad that underperformed in Stage 2 and is looking to rebound. With that, they came out firing against the Spitfire, with Austin "Muma" Wilmot keeping the Outlaws in it with his Winston keeping London at bay.

It was also fun to see one of the first instaces of Blizzard World used in a competitive setting, with both teams switching off of their mains. Houston's Jake Lyon went to Tracer, while London's Jun-young "Profit" Park went to Sombra, leading to some interesting new matchups and some intriguing approaches to this hybrid map.

But as is often the case with the Houston Outlaws, the fun is in Jake's Junkrat. Keep an eye on that Blizzard World game and watch how persistance eventually pays off.

Stage 3, Week 2 Schedule

This is the schedule for the first week of Stage 3:

  • Shanghai Dragons v. Los Angeles Gladiators - 4/11, 4PM PT
  • San Francisco Shock v. Los Angeles Valiant - 4/11, 6PM PT
  • Dallas Fuel v. Seoul Dynasty - 4/11, 8PM PT
  • Boston Uprising v. New York Excelsior - 4/12, 4PM PT
  • London Spitfire v. Florida Mayhem - 4/12, 6PM PT
  • Philadelphia Fusion v. Houston Outlaws - 4/12, 8PM PT
  • Los Angeles Valiant v. Dallas Fuel - 4/13, 4PM PT
  • San Francisco Shock v. Shanghai Dragons - 4/13, 6PM PT
  • Seoul Dynasty v. Los Angeles Gladiators - 4/13, 8PM PT
  • London Spitfire v. Philadelphia Fusion - 4/14, 1PM PT
  • New York Excelsior v. Houston Outlaws - 4/14, 3PM PT
  • Florida Mayhem v. Boston Uprising - 4/14, 5PM PT

All of the action can be seen on the Overwatch League Twitch channel or on the Overwatch League website.

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